After graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University’s publishing program, Maylon (she/her) began freelance editing in earnest. While her clients range from entrepreneurs to first-time YA fantasy authors, her attitude remains the same: Editing should be fun and effective. Keeping a broad perspective and open mind is critical for good editing, so when she’s not reading up on new language trends, she’s travelling and experiencing the world’s cultures.

Hi — My name’s Maylon and I think words are cool.

If you’re here, you’re curious about improving your writing. I designed this site to help authors and editors alike establish a strong sense of self and style through resources and insightful tips I wish I’d known when starting out. Through regular additions of new content, my goal is to connect with my peers and strengthen our literary community.

Plus, I’ll keep you in the loop with what I’m researching now to stay current.

Editors help identify weaknesses, hone strengths, and cultivate creativity.

Should you want to push yourself a little further, send me a message or book in for a free consultation.

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